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1. Safety Enhancement and Measurement Instruments:
We are developing and testing tools, based on the principles of Failure Modes and Effects Analysis, to help create self-empowered teams and inculcate a sustained culture of safety in the settings of Family Medicine, Surgery, and Nursing Homes.

2. Interactive Computer Visualization of the Healthcare System:
Using a systems approach, the center has developed and published a visual model of the healthcare system, at both micro-system and macro-system levels. The model is being used to create an interactive visual database for error reporting, collation, and dissemination. The model also forms the basis of the Safety Enhancement and Measurement Instruments outlined in item #1 above. Such tools can be used to enhance electronic medical records as well as for graduate and postgraduate education including simulation training.

3. Safer Care in collaboration with the University at Buffalo’s Geriatric Center of Excellence:
Focusing on delirium, post-operative pain management and inpatient falls.

4. Pre-Doc, GME and CME Training in Patient Safety:
Developing and testing curricula to address Patient Safety using interdisciplinary approaches. Curricula are designed to address the core competencies of the ACGME and others.

5. Transdisciplinary Collaborative for NIH Road Map:
Re-engineering the Clinical Research Enterprise in primary care including translating research into practice in the medically underserved communities within the Upstate New York Practice Based Research Network (UNYNET).