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In partnership with WNY BEACON we are in the pursuit of excellence with Meaningful Use of Electronic Health Records for Safety-Based Quality improvement in primary care settings, with particular attention to diabetes.

We are in the process of training the trainers for making two vital contributions to safety for the satisfaction of patients and staff. These are:

  1. Assessment and Enhancement of the Workflow in Primary Care settings
  2. Assessment and Enhancement of Transitions of Care to and from Primary Care settings


Western New York, through a competitive federal funding process was selected as one of the first 15 Beacon Communities. “The most important health care innovations are those that are designed and tested by providers and community leaders all across the country. Beacon Communities will offer insight into how health IT can make a real difference in the delivery of health care,” said [US HHS] Secretary Sebelius. “The Beacon Community Program will tap the best ideas across America and demonstrate the enormous benefit health IT will have to improving health and care within our communities.“ Beacon Communities will “use health IT resources within their community as a foundation for bringing doctors, hospitals, community health programs, federal programs and patients together to design new ways of improving quality and efficiency to benefit patients and taxpayers.”

Health IT application such as web-based portals will be deployed to improve transitions across all levels of care – home/community, physician office, hospital, home care, short stay rehabilitation, and long term care. The Western New York Beacon Community will explore the use of SBAR as part of clinical transformation activities in collaboration with P², The Collaborative of WNY Inc.


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