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Gurdev Singh is an internationally recognized lecturer and researcher in the field of systems reliability and risk management and has authored more than a hundred articles and a book on this subject, apart from over sixty five others. He has supervised 30 PhD and over 75 MS Candidates in Great Britain. In 1996 he was recognized by the US Department of Justice as an 'Alien of Extraordinary Ability'. This classification is awarded to a person who has demonstrated that s/he has reached the top of her/his profession at the international level for a sustained period of time, or to a Nobel Laureate or equivalent. He is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine (London) and a member of the WHO Expert Panel on Patient Safety in Primary Care.

He has been a member of one of the committees of US National Science Foundation and has served on NIH review panels. He is a member of the National Panel of Experts on error reporting systems. He has organized and chaired international conferences and chaired numerous conference sessions.

His experience and themes of his publications include: development of inductive (neural networks based), deductive (expert systems based) and hybrid decision support systems, multidisciplinary approaches to appraisal of risk and reliability in projects and structures based on Monte Carlo simulation, deterministic and stochastic multi-objective and multi-resource optimization and 'satisfisation', rational economic comparison of alternatives, utility theory, development of Singh-Markowitz efficient frontier method, portfolio analysis, concurrent/smart engineering, stochastic and visual simulation of construction projects, geographic information systems, and computer-aided learning of risk and reliability analysis.

Has acted as reviewer for professional publications/journals and has been consultant to a major publisher of engineering textbooks as well as a consultant on construction projects in different parts of the world including the world renowned Renzo Piano's celebrated structure for Menil Collection in Houston, TX.

Gurdev is the founding Director of the UB Patient Safety Research Center of the State University of New York at Buffalo and the Principal Investigator for The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) supported projects. He has made numerous invited presentations in the USA and Europe and authored papers on the adaptation of systems science and management approaches to patient safety, including the use of Failure Modes and Events Analysis (FMEA) to create self-empowered practice teams, and the use of visual systems modeling techniques to create user-friendly computer-based tools to make safety information useful at the point of care. These include visual error reporting and taxonomy.

He has been instrumental in developing undergraduate and postgraduate curricula designed to place patient safety at the heart of medical education and practice.

His hobbies include portrait drawing and sculpturing. He derives deep pleasure from listening to Eastern and Western classical music.

Sculpture by Gurdev at the National Garden
Festival in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England